Web Design


Sometimes the best strategy for a special product category, new product roll-out, or marketing idea is a microsite. Microsites are single web pages or a small collection of web pages that are associated with a larger parent company, only with their own separate domain, navigation, design and content.

Microsite Design

More than a blog or social media page, an independent microsite can be freely designed, bookmarked and e-mailed. Microsites provide the advantage of having a separate identity outside the parent site, offering detailed niche content, providing lots of links and, of course, the allowing the ability for people visiting the microsite to provide feedback specific to the microsite’s purpose.

If your company needs a microsite designed and built for a singular purpose, Bigfin can help. We work closely with you to determine your needs and goals, and then we bring those goals to life through a brilliantly designed microsite with smooth functionality. Bigfin can optimize your microsite for organic search or create digital advertising campaigns that point to your microsite, driving lead generation and engagement with your brand.

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