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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technical art of refining your website with the proper elements that allow search engines to correctly index your website. is one of the few SEO practitioners in Redmond or nationwide with the technical expertise to deliver organic Page One placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our SEO work increases Redmond traffic to your website to convert from clicks to calls and from calls to clients.

Search Engine Optimization in Redmond SEO techniques targets keywords in specific geographic areas by using local organic search to build listings.

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Keyword Research

Our exhaustive keyword research helps you discover traffic opportunities unknown to your competitors. Your web pages will contain optimized keywords, titles, descriptions to help you capture Redmond or national keywords. Web pages are search optimized for proper keyword weighting. Every web page will be elegantly linked and sitemapped for maximum search engine exposure.

Content Creation

The content on your website is very important-not only for the search engines, but for all of your human readers as well. We take pride in our ability to build and expand website content by making it as rich and interesting as possible. Bigfin also offers custom web design services.

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