Seattle Staging Agent

Seattle Staging Agent offers premiere staging and thorough home preparation services. Darla’s designs and brokerage expertise uniquely add tremendous value, translating to quicker sales with higher price tags. Bigfin was tasked with developing a functional and aesthetically pleasing site that would match her unique business model. More specifically, she asked for a site that would incorporate a portfolio, as well as serve as a point of reference for her current and prospective clients.

Web Design

The initial site brainstorming was our first task, since there was no existing site to draw inspiration from. Photographs supplied by the client served as the initial inspiration for design conception. You may notice the vibrant pops of orange, this was intentionally chosen to grab the viewers’ attention and prompt action. It also serves as a common accent color used throughout her staging designs.

Logo Design

In order to stay consistent with the theme, the logo was created to reflect the simple and modern web design. It features the negative space of the iconic space needle architecture, subtly pointing users to the geographic area she services.


This project is a perfect example of how Bigfin can perfectly harmonize logo and website design. The craft and attention that went into this project produced a desired seamless look and feel. Each element worked in tandem, keeping in mind that each product had to stand just as strong separately, as together.

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