Schick Shadel

Schick Shadel Hospital is a substance abuse treatment center in Seattle that offers evidence-based, alternative treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Schick Shadel is a great example of how Bigfin can successfully optimize a website for search engines no matter how competitive the keywords in the field.

Schick Shadel tasked Bigfin with helping SchickShadel.com achieve local and national organic listings in the highly competitive space of addiction recovery. Bigfin immediately got to work devising a strategy to help Schick Shadel rank for vital industry keywords. This strategy included reviewing the website for issues that could cause problems with search, conducting keyword research, reviewing the client’s competitors and analyzing existing rankings to get a baseline from which to begin.

SEO & Social Media

Bigfin began on-page optimization work, including page content changes to both visible content and the page’s underlying code. We also made strategic adjustments to page titles and meta descriptions to make the website more search friendly. We combined this vital SEO work with the one-two punch of building up Schick Shadel’s social media presence and creating and updating online directory listings to help with local search. Last but not least, we implemented a daily social media schedule to drive traffic to the site.

The Result

Schick Shadel is steadily rising up the ranks in Google listings for many important keywords. Since coming on board with Bigfin, Schick Shadel has made the following progress from the fourth quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014.

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