Quadrant Homes

Quadrant Homes is a Pacific Northwest homebuilder specializing in new homes that buyers can personalize. Quadrant Homes is a great example of how Bigfin uses analytics and business data to dramatically improve a website’s navigation.

Quadrant Homes initially tasked Bigfin with simply improving the mobile presence of their website through responsive web design. We advised the client to think beyond just mobile and to embrace a full redesign with user experience in mind. We based this recommendation on a thorough review of the original site’s analytics, which revealed visitors to the original website were trying to use the site in a way it was not designed to function. We knew dramatic improvement needed to happen for the site to reach its full potential.

Web Design and Development

Not only did Bigfin make the Quadrant website responsive to all screen sizes, but our complete redesign also made the site incredibly engaging, with eye-catching images of the homes and their interiors. Quadrant Homes is also a prime example of exceptional web development. The Bigfin team used parallax to create interesting and interactive visual transitions on the front end of the site. Bigfin’s work on the backend resulted in a site that was fully integrated with third-party vendors; we seamlessly hooked up Quadrant to BDX and their CMS via APIs. In other words, Bigfin married Quadrant’s marketing initiatives directly to the website.

Digital Advertising and Inbound Marketing

Since most homebuyers search for new homes online, we advised the client to capitalize on this by transitioning their marketing spending mix from largely radio/TV to largely digital advertising. The advantage to the client was the unprecedented ability to measure the success of each digital campaign, with tracking available on every phone call or web visit that resulted from Quadrant’s online advertising. Bigfin also manages a full-fledged inbound marketing campaign for Quadrant that includes email campaigns to keep prospective homebuyers aware of incentives and open houses that encourage home buying.

SEO and Social Media

Bigfin has fully optimized each page of the Quadrant Homes website for search engines. Quadrant web pages now appear in Google Page 1 results for scores of relevant, competitive keywords. We also built up social signals by launching a Google+ and Facebook business page for each Quadrant community and improving other essential social sites, including Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more.

The Bigfin team crafts original blog posts each week to keep Quadrant web content fresh and posts these blogs out to all Quadrant social media. This activity is great for search and keeps Quadrant fresh in the minds of their social followers. Last but not least, we prepare monthly social media schedules for Quadrant featuring appealing photos and brand-focused content to promote engagement and drive traffic to the website.

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