Overlake Oil

Overlake Oil is a premier industrial lubricants provider for the Pacific Northwest that uses a unique approach with clients where full consultation via lubrication engineers is available from start to finish of a project. The company’s core values include integrity, innovate with passion, empower employees, safety & compliance, and environmental sustainability.

Web Design & Development

Overlake Oil consulted with Bigfin about a redesign knowing that their website was very outdated. The goal of the redesign was to create a sleeker look that appealed to Overlake Oil’s wide range of target audience. They needed a quality, modern website that wasn’t too daunting to sort through or else users were more likely to drop off after arriving to the home page.

Bigfin was able to design a clean, modernized website that organized the content in a way that it would be aesthetically appealing to a more sophisticated user but easy to use for a less experienced user. This website redesign included retouching of imagery/graphics to strengthen the color scheme the client desired to help further brand their logo as well as responsive web design in order to enhance the user experience across all devices.

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