Ossia founded the wireless power technology referred to as Cota. This product allows you the comfort of not having to think about manually charging your everyday devices such as your smartphone, remote control, electric toothbrush, etc.

What Ossia needed in order to take the next step on promoting their product was have a modern looking website that highlighted the sophisticated qualities of Cota. That’s where Bigfin stepped in.

Web Design & Development

The website was built and customized to have users feel like they were taking a breath of fresh air when navigating through it. The focus for the theme was modern, clean, and environmentally friendly. This website design included animated graphics to help animate how the Cota product worked and responsive web design to ensure the experience for users was very similar across all different types of devices.


During the website redesign process, Bigfin’s SEO team updated titles and tags on the backend as well as on-page content to help with search efforts.

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