O’Neill Service Group

O’Neill Service Group is a Pacific Northwest Company that specializes in quality control services for larger construction operations. OSG focuses on environmental permitting, planning and support, as well as special inspections, and accredited laboratory services. These offerings make O’Neill service group’s approach a unique one, and we kept that in mind while creating their new site. O’Neill Service Group’s web design is a great example of how Bigfin uses clever subconscious cues to show O’Neill Service Group’s commitment to development and growth.

Bigfin was asked to create a responsive web design, add dynamic content, and successfully mix an industrial style with an established professional business platform. User experience was a top priority while designing the site—from initial steps involving wire-framing, to the final steps finishing the site design and launching it live in Spring 2015.

Web Design and Development

Not only did Bigfin make the O’Neill Service Group website responsive to all screen sizes, but our complete redesign also made the site engaging, with eye-catching animations of some of the best known projects that OSG is known for in the Northwest. O’Neill Service Group’s site is a demonstration of artistic expression and innovative problem solving.

Our Designers started with sketching Photographs provided from the OSG team. These were hand drawn, then scanned into the computer and made into vectored lines. The Bigfin team successfully implemented those charismatic sketches into the homepage imagery by using an animation style that transformed sketches into final full-scale photographs.


Bigfin has fully optimized each page of the O’Neill Service Group website for search engines. O’Neill Service Group web pages now appear in Google page one results when any relevant, competitive keywords are searched.

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