Ninjacators offers premium indicators to be used specifically for the NinjaTraders platform. They specialize in providing tools and training for people around the world interested in investing in Futures, Stocks, Forex trading on their own. Ninjacators came to Bigfin with the sizable task of remolding their outdated E-commerce system into a more performative and visually appealing virtual store for their NinjaTrader indicators.

Web Design

The Bigfin development and design team started tackling the design process by getting familiar with the stock trading software industry. Through great feedback from the client and our understanding of best practices in implementing E-commerce elements, we found common ground that would best communicate to Ninjcators’ target audience.

The current Ninjacators logo was cleaned up to represent a more edgy and professional look. We decided on utilizing a card-style visual style to display indicators throughout the online store. Each indicator card showcases the base information needed for users to click. Color-coding was also introduced to make it much more clear that there was a separation and distinct difference in the function of each indicator that may not be instantly apparent by the title.

Web Development

Working closely with the Ninjacators team, we implemented the card layout design along with a organization of the indicators that both parties felt would best cater to new and expert traders. Indicators were grouped into three primary trading categories which was then further separated by the style of trading that each category provided. We worked to find a balance between introducing too many clicks, and allowing users to find exactly what they needed.

The largest challenge overall was that while creating an E-commerce experience from the ground up, Ninjacators required that the new system remain integrated with Infusionsoft for management, marketing, and administrative purposes. We worked back and forth with the Infusionsoft team to fully understand any restrictions, and discover the best ways of funneling our full-featured E-commerce system into this third-party platform.

Retainer Design Work

In a addition to the E-commerce overhaul, Ninjacators identified early on that they would need supplementary visual and marketing work from Bigfin. Prior to the launch of Ninjacators, we have helped creating branding and presentation material for Ninjacators, and their partner company, Noft. This type of retainer work ranges from new logos, digital advertising, E-Book layout design, and more. By reaching out to us for all their design needs, Ninjacators can ensure a consistent and professional design deliverable for all their needs.

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