Maddock Insurance

Maddock & Associates is a leading Washington insurance broker and employee benefits expert that provides group and individual medical insurance to Washington residents. Maddock is a great example of how Bigfin can take an outdated website and re-design it to be professional, user-friendly and relevant for a modern audience.

Maddock & Associates came to Bigfin with a website that was not only outdated, but was also striving to be a group and individual medical insurance website in one. After listening to the client’s goals, we designed and developed two unified websites — one that emphasized individual medical insurance and one that emphasized group medical benefits.

Maddock & Associates requested a quick turnaround on the redesign of the individual portion of the web design project in preparation for the rollout of the Affordable Care Act in Washington State.

Web Design

Bigfin initiated a two-phase web design project for Maddock & Associates. The first phase of the redesign project was the individual medical insurance website; the second phase was design and build of an all-new group medical insurance website. Bigfin was pleased to complete the first phase of the project in time for the ACA rollout. The design of the two new websites was of a quality that reflected the professional reputation Maddock had built over its more than 30-year history of selling health insurance in Washington. The final deliverable was modern, informative and easier to navigate than the old site. Last but not least, responsive design for both Maddock websites ensured the site looked great on any size screen.

SEO & Social Media

Bigfin immediately got to work implementing an ongoing SEO strategy for Maddock & Associates. This process included creating new web pages to target local keywords. For the first time, Maddock & Associates is ranking for city-specific keywords in areas where they most want to attract new clients. In addition, Bigfin has built up Maddock & Associates on social media and created online citations to improve Maddock’s standing in local search. In short, Maddock & Associates is finally starting to achieve the level of attention online that a broker of its size and reputation deserves.

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