Lake Washington Windows

Lake WA Windows is a company that specializes in the replacement of windows, doors, and siding for your home. This company is built on a strong, positive reputation and years of experience that customers can trust.

The Lake Washington Windows & Doors website had provided a sufficient amount of content in compact spaces among many pages, which made the content come across as a task to go through instead of easy to consume by readers as it should be.

Web Design & Development

Bigfin was brought on to give the Lake Washington Windows & Doors website a much needed clean and modernized look that also included smoother navigation to enhance the user experience. This website redesign included responsive web design to ensure this enhanced user experience was consistent across any screen size such as desktop, iPad, and mobile device.


During the website redesign process, Bigfin’s SEO team updated titles and tags on the backend as well as on-page content to help with search efforts.


Our Ads team made sure the new look of the new website carried over into the ads being displayed across the web by updating the creative to match the new website theme.

To assist Lake Washington Windows & Doors with their compliance goals they had set with one of their main manufacturers, Bigfin helped highlight that manufacturer’s brand on their display ads that linked back to proper landing pages with further brand information. Our client now receives the benefits that come with being compliant.

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