Fairfax Hospital

Fairfax is a leading behavioral health hospital located in Kirkland, Washington. Bigfin was tasked with the challenge of creating 2 sites for this company– one for the behavioral health hospital, and one for its affiliated school; Northwest School of Innovative Learning. Both sites had pre-existing websites that needed to be updated and reinvented to match the association’s current vision. The final website designs turned out to be interesting, modern, and most importantly, user-friendly for a person in crisis coming to their site.

Fairfax came to Bigfin with a website that was outdated in appearance, and non-responsive when viewed on any device other than a desktop computer. One of the main requests from Fairfax was a “fresh style” to match their new approach in caring for the individuals at their facility. After listening to the client’s goals, we designed and developed a fully responsive site that could carry them into the future of modern web for years to come. We implemented the same techniques we used for Fairfax when we were given the opportunity to redesign Northwest School of Innovative Learning.


Bigfin started by using strong composition to emphasize modern treatment options offered at Fairfax and NWSOIL, and a hierarchy system that was easy and fun for users to navigate through. The clean feel of the site, combined with visually interesting shapes, works perfectly to display aesthetic unity and functionality.

Upon page load, animation brings an unexpected element to the simple/clean home page. Northwest School of Learning even has a unique compass logo that rotates to follow the users interaction around navigational items (see our animation above). Northwest inspired colors and photography quickly places the user in a serene location that feels familiar and peaceful.

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