Evoke Modern

EVOKE Modern is a new brand from Quadrant Homes featuring a line of luxury homes with contemporary designs and details that are intuitive, functional and have cross generational appeal. EVOKE Modern is a prime example of how Bigfin provides exceptional beauty, speed and functionality to client websites.

For EVOKE Modern, Bigfin was tasked with building out a new website from scratch, working closely with EVOKE’s design team to produce a site that rendered quickly for visitors even though it featured large, dramatic photographs of the home models. Along with adding smooth functionality and ensuring a quick load time for the site, Bigfin.com was also responsible for marketing the EVOKEModern.com website so that it would begin receiving substantial web traffic. Finally, Bigfin was tasked with implementing responsive web design on the EVOKE website which ensures the site looks great on all screen sizes, including mobile devices.

Effective Digital Marketing and SEO

As part of providing online marketing services for EVOKE, Bigfin.com was tasked with providing an initial EVOKE interest list of 300 prospective buyers. By implementing micro-targeted display (MTD) advertising, we were able to exceed this goal, delivering a list of more than 1,000 buyers before the EvokeModern.com website went live. Also, within a week of launching the live site, Evoke Modern had keywords on Google Page 1 listings as a result of Bigfin’s search engine optimization work.

Web Development

Bigfin built a buyer portal for EVOKE that serves as a repository of all meaningful home buyer documents, such as options chosen by the buyer during the home building process. At any time, EVOKE buyers can use the MyEVOKE portal to view and upload photos, view appointments and more. The portal we created also allows EVOKE sales managers to log in, create new users and upload resources for buyers.

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