Emerald City Energy

Emerald City Energy is a local window and door replacement specialist that has been serving the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years. The big “Emerald” city of Seattle is filled with tough competition, so they needed a way to stand out in their line of work. With Bigfin’s help, ECE hoped that a website revamp and a little SEO might do the trick. 

Design & Development

The main goal for Emerald City Energy’s new site was to create a more modern and updated look. We started with a clean white background, added splashes of bright color, and then used large interior and exterior home images. It was important that Bigfin’s suggested web design was able to quickly show what this company specialized in, so that their audience could make a connection between the “Energy” part of the company name, and link that specifically to “Energy Efficiency” towards windows and doors in the home. We helped this connection resonate by using large descriptive headings, videos and images, and placed the most recent promotion above the fold in the hero space for users to find.

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