Eastside Center For Family

Eastside Center for Family is a counseling clinic located in Bellevue, WA that offers chemical dependency treatment and mental health counseling for people and families of all ages. After serving the greater Seattle area for 10 years, Eastside has become an established clinic with respectable reputation, and they desired a website that would reflect this. They sought a website that felt like a comfortable place to spend time with, similar to the way their office caters to their clients. They described themselves as far from cookie cutter, so the new website’s overall design was built on this premise, and custom tailored to a specific audience and evoke a specific feeling. Bigfin seemed to be the best fit offering an actively engaged group to suggest helpful tips to increase visibility.

Eastside Center for Family initially contacted Bigfin because of continuing issues with their website: they were tired of having it hacked, continually experiencing broken links, and losing important content. Bigfin’s development team recovered their hacked site and transferred all of their information, creating a live preview again for use of the public. After this step was made, Bigfin’s design and development team brainstormed ways that they could prevent this from happening again. They provided Eastside with an alternative, fresh-faced design and a new way to store and manage their content.

Bigfin completely redesigned Eastside Center for Family’s website to reflect the level of comfort and “home-feeling” that they provide their clientele. Aside from the uniquely colorful, hand-painted design, the Eastside website features responsive design, which ensures the website looks as great on mobile devices as it does on a desktop or tablet.


Bigfin’s Designers started with a basic sketch and notion that Eastside Center for Family really wanted a site that predominantly evoked comfort and warmth. With this knowledge, we decided to take a tangible approach and gather our watercolor paints to create an interesting engaging background that the website would be built around. We painted in layers, carefully constructing different natural elements to create a tree line reminiscent of the exterior of Eastside Center For Families office. These painted trees were then scanned into digital form, and modified in color and visual layers using Photoshop. These art pieces were animated into the website in layers, and can be seen as the page loads.

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