Dump-It is a junk removal, clean-up, and disposal service that has provided assistance help to home owners and businesses in the Seattle area over 20,000 times. Dump-It provided us with a web design that they were already happy with from another firm. It was our job to execute the design & technical backend schedule management system.

Web Development

Our focus on the consumer-facing website was to introduce elements of interaction and animation to further enhance the design and engage new and returning customers. The home page carousel introduces a very flashy animation on each transition with microtransitions scattered throughout.

For the backend scheduling system, the Bigfin development team built a custom appointment management structure that would display scheduled appointments on a drag-and-drop interface where Dump-It could manage, monitor, and easily assign appointments to the various trucks and routes that they serve every day. Our focus every step of the way was to provide a performance driven user experience for both front-facing and appointment management sides of the website.

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