Diver’s Institute of Technology

Divers Institute of Technology is an accredited commercial diving school in Seattle. DIT is a prime example of how Bigfin delivers massive results on lead generation campaigns. Bigfin was tasked with developing a digital marketing strategy that would deliver an expressed number of applicants each week for DIT’s admissions staff.

Digital Advertising

After analyzing the client’s previous marketing campaign and interviewing the client to establish the right target audience, we implemented an online campaign that included pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, micro-targeted display advertising and remarketing. Building the proper audience and developing the right marketing message were key to this campaign. Another key was eliminating non-converting keywords and tightening the bid rules.

SEO & Social Media

Bigfin also redesigned and re-engineered the website for SEO. We established a DIT blog, began writing regular blog posts and maximized the reach of each blog by posting them out to a sprawling social network we created for DIT. Divers soon began to rise up the ranks for important industry keywords.

Web Design & Development

Bigfin implemented a Salesforce integration with the DIT website that allowed form leads captured by the website to feed directly to the client’s Salesforce. In addition, Bigfin implemented responsive web design on the DIT website which ensures the site looks great on all screen sizes, including mobile devices.

The Result

The result of our digital advertising effort was sold-out classrooms and a dramatically increased lead count.

  • Lead count up 157% in 2012.
  • Lead count up 187% in 2013.
  • Bigfin delivered this level of results at a 40% savings over DIT’s old marketing strategy
  • As of Spring 2014, lead generation was up 100%.
  • DIT graduates were up 30% since the client partnered with Bigfin.
  • Bigfin’s work generated 100s of calls every month.
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