Delivery Express

Delivery Express is an all-encompassing 24 hour delivery service, specializing in same-day, next-day and next-week delivery. Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska, Delivery Express can be considered one of the best courier services in the area. Bigfin was given the task to bring Delivery Express up-to-speed visually and dynamically, so that their customers could use the site and its services with ease, on any device, from anywhere.

Web Design

The two main goals for Delivery Express web design refresh were to showcase their service offerings, and to create the website on a CMS that allowed them to keep the site relevant and up-to-date on their own. It was also a requirement to make sure that the new site’s overall functionality was going to be a smooth transition for old users to find the same information they had used on the previous website. For example, tracking a package must still remain easy to find and navigate. For the informational pages on Delivery Express, we designed a structure that used a small side bar sub-navigation for users to explore the site effortlessly.

Web Development

The process of building out this site was fairly simple, as it was backed by good design. Each page was stylized to look similar to one another, so the user would become quickly familiar with the layout. One highlight of this project was creating a custom map for users to interact with. This map can be found directly below the hero slideshow on the homepage, which encourages users to click and explore each state map in order to find which service areas that Delivery Express offers.

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