Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning

Brennan Heating & Air Conditioning is an award-winning HVAC contractor providing heating and AC installation and repair in the Greater Seattle area. BrennanHeating.com is a great representation of how Bigfin delivers highly successfully digital advertising campaigns with tracking technology to measure that success.

Frustrated with the weak results they were getting from their former marketing vendor, Brennan tasked Bigfin with boosting their lead count. Bigfin was able to instantly double Brennan’s lead count through effective digital advertising campaigns. We persuaded Brennan to shift their marketing mix from primarily direct mail and radio to primarily digital. The client could clearly see the advantage of not only targeting their ideal customer, but also being able to track the success of all online ad campaigns.

Digital Advertising & Email Campaigns

Bigfin implemented a pay-per-click (PPC) and micro-targeted display (MTD) advertising model for Brennan. We also used our call tracking technology for Brennan’s digital ad campaigns so the client could quickly and easily see detailed call data. Call tracking allowed Brennan to determine which calls resulted from the digital advertising efforts on his behalf.

Bigfin has also managed a number of email campaigns for Brennan aimed at driving sales by through coupons, seasonal specials and more. Our email campaigns for Brennan feature our in-house design and content writing.

Web Design

Bigfin also completely redesigned the Brennan website to reflect the level of professionalism Brennan provides their customers. Aside from sharp, user-friendly design, the Brennan website features responsive design, which ensures the website looks as great on mobile devices as it does on a desktop or laptop.

SEO & Social Media

Bigfin helped Brennan rank higher in local search through on-page optimization, building up Brennan’s social media presence, and building and updating online citations that established Brennan’s  company name, address and phone number in local online searches. We also breathed new life into the Brennan Heating blog, creating original content reflecting industry news and information. By posting out each Brennan blog post to social media, we help Brennan retain the ground they’ve gained in search.

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