4CMV Drivers

4CMV Drivers is a one of a kind platform for truck drivers across the nation to use as a unified community. This website is used by commercial motor vehicle companies, and individual truck drivers within larger companies for easy access to transportation news, videos and an abundance of information for drivers. 4CMV Drivers came to Bigfin to help make their new business platform come to life. In addition to a logo and website design, they required a complete build-out of a membership dashboard and subscription structure. 

Web Design + Logo Design

4CMV Drivers came to Bigfin with a rough logo design and a clear goal: to create a successful platform for truck drivers nationwide. This platform would be used as a forum, news resource, a place to take safety course quizzes, and track mileage and cost usages from their days and nights on the open road. The logo we came up with is very concise, featuring the shortened acronym the company uses for its name, and an icon semi truck symbol. The website design they had in mind required a fairly simple structure, that would inform and direct people to sign up for their service. While the front facing site design was important, it was more important that they had a successful membership dashboard and subscription sign up process once a return-user was logged in. This required some research, as Bigfin had yet to create a dashboard structure for a client. 4CMV posed a unique challenge that Bigfin was excited to undertake!    

Web Development

The Back-End Development Portal was a unique project that Bigfin had the opportunity of diving into to. This challenge presented our team with a few new obstacles that we had to research and find the best solution for. Some of these were to:

  • Create a high functioning forum atmosphere
  • Track income and expenditures in real time
  • Centered around great design and UX for all ages of trucking professionals
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