Online Marketing


At Bigfin, we want to ensure our clients’ digital advertising budgets are spent as wisely as possible. That’s why we monitor our clients’ web analytics closely and provide tracking and custom reporting based on the activity we see.

Analytics reveal where your website visitors come from, the keywords those visitors typed in to arrive at your site, the search engine they used and much more. Analytics also show the demographics and geographic location of the people visiting your website and whether you’re getting visitors from social media or your email marketing efforts.

Why Is Web Analytics Data Important?

Not only is analytics data useful for putting together a proactive online organic strategy, but this data is also useful for setting up highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns. Bigfin is able to link analytics to sales and conversion rates on any number of digital advertising campaigns.

Whether you are running email marketing campaigns, display ads, search engine marketing campaigns or an e-commerce website, Bigfin can link reports to analytics. By linking campaigns to analytics, Bigfin is able to track out clients’ exact ROI for various campaigns. This ability to track your exact ROI is nearly impossible in any other form of advertising.

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