Work Fitness: 5 Ways to Stay in Shape at a Desk Job

Work Fitness- How to Stay in Shape at a Desk Job

Are you working at a desk job that restricts your ability to stay active? You are not alone. In fact, approximately 51 percent of business professionals have gained weight, while 48 percent of IT professionals experienced the same, according to Business News Daily. However, there are several ways to be healthy in the workplace. Do not let your desk job be the reason for an unhealthy lifestyle! Check out these five work fitness tips to help keep you and your coworkers in shape while at work.

1. Mobility in the Simplest Ways

Leaving your chair every 30 minutes will actually help you stay in shape as this may increase your activity levels. Also, if you need to talk to a coworker, take the extra effort to go to his/her desk instead of sending emails or making a call. Have a lunch break? Use your lunch break to get some fresh air- it always helps when you have a partner with you to help motivate each other to remain active at work!

2. Posture

Yes, adjusting your posture can help with weight loss. Even sitting up straight is a calorie-burner as it contributes to toning your physique. Slouching will make you appear shorter; therefore sitting up straight will help you appear leaner. Plus, your back and core muscle tighten up when you sit up straight, which also helps tone them as well. Beyond weight loss, having correct posture is a beneficial approach to prevent backaches and neck pain. This way, you are able to continue exercising without injuries or further injuring yourself.

3. Watch What You Eat

Do you usually grab a lunch during work? Cutting down on restaurant meals could vastly help your health. Besides, cutting down on sodium, sugar and fat alone will help you feel more energized and prevent unhealthy eating habits. Fitness Magazine suggests choosing healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, fat free yogurts, nuts, and even 100 calorie packs of enjoyable snacks at your desk.

4. Water is Your Friend

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you remain hydrated and alert. Water has zero calories and can trick your body into feeling full. Drinking enough water can significantly diminish your hunger and cravings, as well as prevent unhealthy snacking throughout the day. Plus, those extra trips to the water cooler won’t hurt either!

5. Mini Morning Workouts

All of these work fitness tips can contribute to a healthy lifestyle at work. If you have any extra time in the morning, try doing some mini workouts before heading off to work. Matter of fact, mini workouts can set the tone for your time spent in the office. Plus, it can ultimately give you higher energy levels and receive an endorphin rush. All it takes is the motivation and commitment to remain consistent!

Work Fitness at – How Do We Stay In Shape?

Here at Bigfin, we encourage lunch time walks and short strolls to refresh and recharge throughout the work day. We believe a healthy body maintains a healthy mind.

With that being said, maybe you and your coworkers need a little change up to explore ways to transform the office into a healthy workplace. Want to explore how? Here are few fun ideas to implement in your office to create a fun, healthy and active environment!

1. A Standing Desk

If sitting around all day isn’t ideal for your health, try getting a standing desk! It is not always easy to have proper posture all day and having a standing desk can mitigate those struggles. Unsure which desk you would desire? You can find different variations on Flickr that will best fit your needs.

2. Maximize Your Coffee and Bathroom Breaks

A sense of humor and commitment will make your workplace a healthy environment for you and your coworkers. Want to get coffee? Go grab a fresh hot cup, but while that hot coffee is brewing, try doing some pushups to get your blood pumping to get you energized for those emails you have to conquer. Going to take a few bathroom trips? Do some crunches after- although we do not advise to do this on the bathroom floor.

3. No Bathroom or Coffee Breaks? Introducing the “Chair” Workout:

Maybe you want to reserve all that energy for lunch time. No problem. While you grab your delicious meal to eat, try doing 15 chair dips at your desk before and after your lunch. Place your hands on your chair and extend your feet out in front. Push yourself down at a 90 degree angle and press up. Those arms will be in shape after all that typing you’ve done for the day. Make sure that if you have a rolling chair, have it stationed against your desk or wall so that you don’t land on your tush.

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