WordPress Green Update 3.4

The WordPress Green update offers interesting, new features for business blogs, including the ability to embed tweets in blog posts and easier customization of themes and headers. WordPress version 3.4.1 has now been released, which corrects some of the bugs¬†associated¬†with the recent “Green” update.

WordPress Allows Embedded Tweets

Embedding a tweet into blog posts can be a useful tool for drawing attention and followers to your twitter account, and eventually your website. Twitter is also rolling out a major “search and discovery update” soon, which might have a significant effect on the way people use the site.

Customize Your Theme with Ease

The new theme customizer allows users to play around with the look of their blog without broadcasting the changes to everyone who views the page, which is a real improvement when attempting to make changes to blog theme elements like banners.

We Think

The Green update makes WordPress even more user-friendly; with its new theme flexibility, abundant plug-ins and automatic updates, WordPress is an excellent tool for creating a blog for your business.

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