Why an Exceptional Website Design Matters

Exceptional Website Design

With today’s highly visual market, essentially every successful business has a website. Here at, excellent design coincides with a fantastic user experience. The goal is to build an eye-catching site that facilitates a satisfactory end result with complete ease. At the end of the day, users want to know the answer to this very question: what does your business do for them? As a matter of fact, a website is the gateway to understanding the objective and services that a business provides for users or consumers. To make sure that the website for your company will thrive, here is a quick analysis of why an exceptional website design matters.

First Impression

When a person encounters another human being or object, a mental image is created, thus forming a first impression. For this very reason, having an exceptional website design is integral for companies— users decide whether or not they want to continue exploring your site or invest within a matter of seconds. According to The Stanford Web Credibility Project, a company’s website influences about 47% of user’s buying decisions. This is why having memorable effective images and stand-out copy is imperative. The sharper your website looks, the more trustworthy and professional a business appears. However, with a poor website, chances are that it will be the first and last negative impression on users. Furthermore, here are the first items that users are drawn to:

  • Main graphic- Size matters.
  • Logo- Does the logo stand out or represent your company well?
  • Navigation- This is important because it is the way that users can get an overall idea of what the website contains.
  • Text or written message- Picking precise font styles and sizes are important.
  • Footer- Include contact information so that consumers and users know how to contact you for questions, purchases, services, etc.


Having a website is the easiest and most efficient way to advertise. Essentially, it is your public branding portal. A website gives users the inside scoop to a company and (as previously mentioned) a first impression to who and what kind of company they are encountering. One thing to keep in mind is that a website should convey information in the clearest and simplest way. Do not forget that graphics and text should also be used effectively to reflect the “tone” of your company and what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a couple of questions an exceptional website design should answer:

  • What products/services does this company provide?
  • What audience is this company designed for?
  • Is the company for entertainment purposes or serious content?
  • Is this company doing anything different from its competitors?

Elements of an Exceptional Website Design

Overall, an exceptional website should be interactive, usable, have modern technology, and elemental design. Additionally, here are 10 features to include on a website to ensure a superb user experience:

  1. Logo
  2. Readable typography
  3. Authentic color palette
  4. Transparent interface tools
  5. Easy Navigation that moves users throughout the website
  6. Effective images to show off the brand
  7. Targeted copy
  8. Comprehendible call-to-actions
  9. A brand that connects and identifies with users
  10. Great design

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