What Company Makes 97% of Its Revenue From Advertising?

It’s Google!

Believe it or not, Google makes over $3 billion monthly in advertising. Businesses know how hard it is to get customers these days, but the bigger industries, especially the ones that have customers that will be worth a lot of money over a long period of time, know that advertising with Google could be the key to their success. These companies will pay a lot of money for advertising and when they see the fruits of their labor, they will spend even more money.

You might wonder what industry is spending the most in search ads and surprisingly enough, it’s Insurance companies. At 24%, they make up the biggest piece of the pie. Next in line with the highest percentages are Loan Companies, Mortgage Companies and Attorneys.

How much would you pay to advertise your business?

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  2. Keyanna says:

    I see, I spupose that would have to be the case.

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