Your Guide to Optimizing Content for Voice Search

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Voice search is an increasingly common way in which people are interacting with devices, whether they recognize the cultural shift or not. Do you own a connected device in your home (Alexa, Google Home, etc.)? BrightLocal stated 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. That is a startlingly high percentage when you think of the entirety of search! With that said, it is time to prepare for the future of how users search. Read on to learn how you can start optimizing your website for voice search.

How to Optimize Content for Voice Search

Now that we understand the significance of voice search, how does one optimize for it? Well, there are a few ways to ensure content is ready:

Pro Tip #1 : Answer Questions

In order to optimize content for voice search, it is vital to understand how users interact with it. One question to ask is, “Does this content answer questions?” People specifically ask questions when they communicate with devices. Therefore, content needs to mimic the question-and-answer format. This is one way to help content rise in the ranks.

Pro Tip #2 : Make Content Scannable

Just as you would make content scannable for traditional search, it needs to be easy to scan on voice search. Voice search is becoming the “norm” because it is convenient. It is predominantly used when people are in action and “on the go”, meaning it is fair to say voice search is more relatable to mobile search than desktop search. Hence, why you should make sure your content is optimized in a similar fashion. In other words, make answers quick and easy to find. Chances are, people will bounce if they have to sift through drawn out explanations.

Pro Tip #3 : Use Headings

Incorporate headings throughout content. It is another key to making content easily scannable for users. Furthermore, it can be beneficial to also use lists that summarize answers in an easy-to-read format.

Pro Tip #4 : Aim for Position Zero

Position zero is the ultimate goal. To clarify, when someone engages in voice search, the answer read in the snippet is considered position zero. This is what the device reads. In order to optimize your site for voice search, extra attention should focus on the rich snippets of each page.

Bigfin Optimizes Websites for Voice Search

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