Twitter Search Update Streamlines Service

Twitter released an update to its search feature that allows companies to connect with their followers more directly, and see what they’re saying about the company.

Initially, the update will consist of an auto-complete feature, and “people you follow” results for searches, which will help users search and follow hashtags with greater ease. The new search displays relevant users, tweets and media in a drop down menu, for easier¬†consumption. In addition, the search feature ¬†automatically detects the intended query if a search term is misspelled, and provide the correct result.

In addition, when you select the new “People You Follow” view, you can view tweets about a given topic from only people you follow. For a business, this tool could be useful in gauging how much buzz there is a about a particular topic, or hashtag that you created.

These new features are a major improvement for Twitter, and make the site that much easier to navigate.


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