Twitter Related Headlines Feature Launches

Have you ever seen certain topics trending on Twitter and didn’t have a clue what all the buzz was about? These Tweets may have previously sent you looking up the topic online using your favorite search engine, but Twitter Related Headlines may help eliminate that step.

Twitter now makes it possible for specific Tweets that have been embedded on websites to show related news headlines where users can read up on the background behind such topics, according to the Twitter blog.

How Does Twitter Related Headlines Work?

The new Twitter feature lists and links to websites where the Tweet was embedded so that those who view the Tweet can read up on the larger story behind the Tweet, the blog explained. The “Related Headlines” feature shows up under the Tweet’s permalink page. You can access the permalink page by first clicking on the Tweet and then clicking on “Details” next to the Tweet’s timestamp.

So when a major topic starts sweeping the Twittersphere by storm, users can now access a list of web links where they can learn more about what’s going on from media outlets or blogs reporting on the matter.

Will All Tweets Have This Feature?

Not every Tweet will trigger the related headline feature. Only those popular or newsworthy enough to have been embedded in a post will prompt the feature. The feature is yet another way Twitter aims to serve its users better during major announcements or events that spur large numbers of Tweets, such as the Super Bowl or Oscars, according to Mashable.

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