Twitter Mute Feature Hides Over-Sharers from View

Do you know anyone on Twitter who is notorious for over-sharing every little detail of their life? Maybe the person is close enough of a business colleague or friend that you run the risk of damaging the relationship if you unfollow them or block them entirely.

Twitter has a solution for those in this predicament — a mute feature. The Twitter mute feature allows you to stop seeing Tweets from certain people you follow in your timeline without them knowing, according to the Twitter blog. You won’t even get push notifications on your mobile devices from those incessant Tweeters anymore.

The mute feature is available to anyone using the social network on or Twitter’s iPhone or Android apps. The Twitter user you’ve muted will still be able to see your Tweets, interact with your Tweets and send you direct messages, the Twitter Help Center explained. You can also un-mute a person any time you wish if you decide you want to see their Tweets after all.

How Do I Use the Twitter Mute Feature?

Twitter Mute FeaturesTo mute someone you follow on Twitter, just follow the steps below:

1.)    Go to the Twitter page of the person you’d like to mute (e.g. @TwitterUser)

2.)    Click on the Gear button to the left of the button that says “Following.” You will see a drop-down menu of options.

3.)    Select the Mute feature and you will see a confirmation banner

Tip: If the real problem you’re experiencing is that the person is a compulsive re-tweeter, you can also select the option to just turn off retweets from this Twitter user within this drop-down menu.

Faster Way to Mute Someone on Twitter

You can also mute someone on Twitter simply by hovering your cursor over the person’s Tweet and selecting the More button. Muting is among the drop-down options available.

Twitter mute feature

On your smartphone app, you’ll need to actually click on the Tweet, click the … icon beneath, and select Mute.

The Takeaway

As a business owner or marketing professional, you may pay someone the professional courtesy of following them on Twitter only to discover their Twitter activity irritates you or adds little value to your feed.

Muting removes the drivel from your feed while keeping the professional contact intact. This is also a good strategy for expanding your professional social network while limiting the Twitter activity you actually see. It’s a good tool for savvy social media users.

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