Top Five Trends that Businesses Must Pay Attention to in 2016

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As 2016 kicks off, marketing trends will continue to change and evolve through the upcoming year. With improved visuals, motion graphics and upgraded technology, we can expect that 2016 will bring in diverse marketing techniques for both users and businesses alike. The digital age is here to stay, and we can expect companies to thrive or be left behind as budgets and technology demands increase over time. Here are five trends that are expected to prevail in 2016.

Video Domination

Although video is not a break-out element for media and advertisements, this medium will dominate advertising with all of its capabilities. In a study, 96% of B2B marketers are incorporating video in their content, according to Web Video Marketing Council. Why? It is because video contains all the elements to attract attention: visualization, movement, infographics, music, sound, interaction, and a chosen time frame that can be short and sweet to the point. Google currently has ownership of YouTube and with the search engine adding video searches, there are endless ways to view and find video content now. Furthermore, video ads have proven to captivate viewers more effectively than other ad formats, hence why they are expected to be the leading form of media in advertisements. For more information on which types of advertisements will place best with specific age groups, check out AdColony for more details.


In 2015, the world was introduced to the Apple Watch and it became quite the phenomenon. According to Hubspot, there will be a 28% increase of “wearable technology” in 2016. We can only expect more wearable devices next year as this form of technology brings a new form of marketing—combining both online and “real” marketing. Also, the type of content to expect from wearables is “on-the go” information or listed application features as the screens are limited in space and size.

Mobile Prevailing

Another thing to expect next year is the rise in online users choosing mobile over desktop. In this day of age, phones are considered an “extension” of your body, meaning phones are easily accessible to all of their respective users. In 2015, “mobile-friendly” was an all too common phrase amongst markets. We are here to say, that phrase is here to stay. For example, some smart phones are sparking a “New Currency Revolution” by allowing you to add your debit or credit cards to your mobile devices to make your shopping experience in person faster and smoother through Google Wallet, Apple Pay and more. Even Google has already declared that mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 10 countries and that SEO is focusing on optimizing more for mobile sites at a higher pace.

The Birth of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been making a hit with marketers and consumers, especially in the video game realm. Currently, devices such as the Oculus Rift (set to be released in 2016) have caught the attention of many gamers and non-gamers alike. This virtual reality headset allows you feel physically immersed in the game entirely. The Oculus rift is not only for video game purposes, but also for virtual reality movies, spending time with family and friends and even the possibility to feel like you are in another place in the world.

Not only is virtual reality made for entertainment purposes, Marriott Hotels are trying to implement virtual reality headsets by allowing guests to experience a “virtual trip.” Guests can see what it is like vacationing in Africa or other locations in the world through these “virtual postcards”. Wearing the Oculus Rift will allow guests to look through the lens of another virtual person at their given destination to feel what it would be like to be in their shoes. Eventually, we may see more hotels implementing virtual reality products to increase the guest experience.

Applications taking over

We all have used an app whether it was for Facebook, online banking, weight loss, or anything else you can imagine. Apps have the same capabilities as websites do, but are more accessible and easy to download. Business owners are starting to hop on the app train because apps readily catch the attention of individual users nowadays. Apps are also more personalized and feature content that any user desires. If you don’t like it- you can easily uninstall the app and find one that best suits your interests. Forbes magazine predicts that apps may completely replace websites as a “medium”, but it may take a few years to actually occur.


Evidently, there will be more than five trends that will develop in this year. For now, we can predict that 2016 will bring a great year in marketing breakthroughs as technology and interaction has become fast paced and steadily improving each year. Businesses should understand how these marketing concepts can be implemented now to get the upper hand on how to get more people intrigued with their product(s) and brand name.

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