Title Tags for SEO

Adding unique title tags for SEO is probably the most important first step that you can take for your website. Why? The title tag indicates to the search engines where you would like your page to appear in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

A lot of times we see websites where the title on all the pages is the company name. Sometimes some SEO work has been done on the title tag, but every page contains this very same optimized tag.

The search engines are actually robots-they can’t see pictures and they don’t know what your website looks like. To illustrate this, think of all the websites on the internet as cans of soup on the shelf in the grocery store. All the chicken noodle soup is in one row and all the beef stew is placed in another row.

Now what would it be like if all those cans of soup did not have labels? You could open the can and look inside and give a pretty good guess about what kind of soup it actually is. You could speculate that this soup is chicken vegetable and that one is chicken noodle, but the job of categorizing the soups on the shelves is now much more difficult. In addition, maybe you get the type of soup right, but maybe you don’t. Title tags are kind of like the can labels that tell you what kind of soup is in the cans.

To take the analogy one step further, what if all the soup cans in the store had the same label on them? What if that same label on the can was correct for some of the cans of soup, but not correct for others?

Like a can without a label, the search engines can still interpret the content on the page and place the page in its index (some are better at this than others) but maybe they will index your page in the way you wish and maybe they won’t. Adding a unique title tag to each of your website’s pages based upon the particular content of that page increases the chance of having your web page indexed properly, which is the ultimate goal, right?

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