StumbleUpon Gets New Website

Social media site has revamped its website to give it a fresh, new look and improved usability. Choose a category or select “Discover” from the homepage to see what StumbleUpon can do.

StumbleUpon Interests

StumbleUpon still offers “interest” areas or categories that help users  easily find articles that they would like to read. But now it is possible to stumble just articles from within an interest area that you choose. Want to read about online games? Enter it in the search bar and start stumbling.

New images for the main interest areas are visually appealing, and searching from the “explore your interests” bar yields suggestions for many new subcategories that can be easily selected from the drop down menu.


A more visual website allows stumblers to see the avatars of other StumbleUpon users and to more easily follow their interests. More profile information about users is also available.

StumbleUpon Channels

StumbleUpon now features new “publisher channels” so that users can follow their favorite online publications or brands. Look for the number of featured publishers to grow over time.


The “Modes” setting allows StumbleUpon users to view articles  in different ways. For instance, you can stumble articles just from other stumblers you are following, or stumble just news, photos or videos.

The website now sports a clean and appealing look and recommendations make it easy to get started. And of course, website users can still roll the dice anytime by clicking on the StumbleUpon logo.

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