Stellar Landing Pages Matter More Than You Think

Stellar Landing Pages Matter

Landing pages – what are they? Well for starters, they are proven to be a valuable contributor for successful campaigns. Landing pages can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action, such as an ad. Landing pages can be strong determinants of campaign performance and more specifically, conversion rates. Poorly designed landing pages are too often the problem when click-through and conversion rates are low. Read on to determine what makes up stellar landing pages and why they matter.

Stellar Landing Pages ….

  • Have one main focus.
  • Educate the user in a simplified manner.
  • Capture leads for future remarketing purposes.
  • Make the call-to-action clear and easy to understand.
  • Facilitate the user through the buying funnel with ease.
  • Are standalone pages, specifically designed for a decided goal.

Types of Landing Pages

There are several different types of landing pages that differ depending on which end result you are seeking to capture. Looking to collect user information? Trying to lure the user down into the sales funnel? Each variation aligns with a slightly different marketing goal. Determine your desired goal, and select a landing page style from there.

  1.  Lead Generation Landing Pages – This type of landing page collects valuable information from the user. Typically, the most important piece of information is an email address. This is the doorway into the consumer’s ear. Once they open it, your marketing efforts may successfully proceed. The top right image is an example of a lead generation landing page.
  2. Click-through Landing Pages – Also known as Jump Pages, serve as a means of warming up the consumer before making a purchase decision. The right bottom image is an example of a click-through landing page.

Landing Page Design Considerations

What should one consider when designing stellar landing pages? Any good design has to be both functional and pleasing to the eye. Consider the importance of contrast. Muted backgrounds or subtle patterns make forms more distinguishable, and draw the user to a desired area of the page. Prominent placement should also be considered. Forms off to the side can be confusing, as they do not make the intent clear. Make the purpose of the page direct by slapping the desired action front and center. Directional cues as a design element can help guide the user through your important content, while simultaneously adding interest to the page. At Bigfin, we take all of these landing page design attributes into consideration.

Why Do Stellar Landing Pages Matter?

Stellar landing pages matter because they help increase subscribers by collecting important information from users. They please users with their simplistic nature and clear message, and make the user more inclined to remain on the page for longer periods of time. Most importantly, many users are already online to perform research, so if a business uses its Landing pages strategically, they can target their audience while generating leads. Landing pages matter because they are one of the first interactions your prospect may have with the company. Let us help you make that experience a memorable one.

At we create stellar landing pages and we are proud of it. Our landing pages contain a clear and concise message that is consistent with the ads themselves. They effectively lead and represent your campaign rather than appearing as an afterthought. Our comprehensive digital marketing solutions include online advertising, SEO, custom web design, social media management, blogging, and more.

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