Snapchat Ads Coming Soon

Snapchat, the popular photo and chat app, will soon be debuting ads, according to the Wall Street Journal. Users can also expect to see news stories soon as well as TV and movie clips while using the service.

When And How Will Snapchat Ads Be Implemented?

Here’s the scoop, as outlined by Mashable:

  • Reportedly, the ads will be incorporated in the app through a service called Snapchat Discovery.
  • Ads, news and more should start showing up around November.
  • These ads could be a prime way to reach a coveted crop of users in the under-25 crowd.

The Takeaway

Snapchat is shaping up to be another excellent medium through which brands can implement social media advertising strategies. We think Snapchat ads could be well-received by users as long as they are unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into a visually-appealing news stream.

While brands await the opportunity to advertise on Snapchat, we recommend that companies create Snapchat accounts and reach out to followers through promotions and creative engagement campaigns.

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