Sites May Be Moving Away From Social Sign-In

Many social network users have noticed that some sites are now requiring the use of a pre-existing account like Facebook or Twitter in order to signup. Websites are often predisposed to use this social sign-in model because it offers a better experience for the user. For instance, when you login using an existing social media account, you give the new site data permissions. These data permissions allow the site to customize your experience from your very first click and make the ability to share content to other social networks a breeze. Adapting the social media sign-in model can also cut costs. For instance, start-ups often choose social network sign-in because it involves integrating pre-made login systems from other networks instead of forcing them to build their own.

Social Sign-In-Concerns with the Concept

While there are many benefits that come from the social network sign-in model, there are also some downsides. These downsides are why many companies like Spotify, Pinterest, Pulse, and have added email login options. Similarly, applications like Rockmelt that previously required users to login in via Twitter or Facebook,  made the move to allow email login after realizing that 50% of their users were using their service but not logging in at all.

While it might be difficult to believe, not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account. In addition, some people with these accounts do not want to give their data away whenever they create a new social profile. Because of concerns about privacy issues, many people prefer to try a new site with an email first and connect their other social networks later if they decide they like it.

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