5 Decidedly Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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No one likes traffic on the road, but what about traffic online? Bigfin frequently gets asked, “What’s the secret to driving more traffic to my site?” Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. Website traffic relies heavily on the interdependent relationship between a series of marketing efforts.  Advertising and optimizing are favorable ways to get your site more visibility, but content production can be valuable as well. Below are just a few simple ways to help drive traffic back to your site.

1. Creative Headlines

Thoughtful headlines drive traffic. In fact, they are arguably the most important part of your website content. It is the first impression and the one defining moment that initiates the next action by the user. Is your headline clear, catchy, and enticing? Most notably, is your headline useful and applicable to your target market? If you cannot answer “yes” to all of those questions, reconsider the purpose of your content and rethink what your target market would find appealing.

2. Optimize Existing Posts

Often times we get so focused on the next task that we neglect former work.  This can be detrimental to search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Instead, revisit old posts to ensure each one has been optimized for search engines. Check the titles, tags, URLs, and Meta descriptions to ensure they are all still relevant to what you offer. This will help drive traffic to your site.

3. Be Original

There is nothing like unoriginal content to keep the traffic at bay. Original content is important for a number of reasons. First of all, Google has stated that content is one of the top three ranking signals that helps determine where your page will rank in search. New content can establish a sense of trust with readers, as it can make your business appear as an industry expert. This can have a positive impact on views and visitors, which can ultimately help drive traffic.

4. Post Frequently

Excellent content is relevant, meaning it is frequently updated and posted. As previously stated, fresh, consistent content gains the attention of web crawlers who sift through your site. When posts are made often, it flags your page as potentially more relevant just based off of the newly added content alone. In short, an updated feed is great for business and contributes to more exposure in search.

5. Build a Customer-Centric Strategy

The single-handedly most important thing you can do in order to drive traffic to your site is to build a customer-centric content strategy.  Focus on topics that pique your readers’ interest. Deliver quality content that has been researched, concisely detailed, and is aesthetically pleasing to read. Also, write for a specific demographic to keep content relevant. Moreover, base new content off of customer feedback. Which topics perform well? Which topics do not? Adapt accordingly to provide what your readers value most. Can Help You Drive Traffic

Drive traffic, do not let traffic drive you. By engaging in these 5 simple ways to drive traffic, you will be well on your way to more clicks, views, and followers. Looking to have someone help your business climb to the top? Bigfin is a founding SEO company and an industry leader in online advertising based out of Redmond, WA. We specialize in web development and content creation among other facets of the online world, such as social media managementContact us online or by phone at (425) 822-8200.

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