Social Media Spy – The Benefits of Researching Competitors on Instagram

The Benefit of Researching Competitors on Social Media

With the rise in social media popularity, Instagram proves its importance among its other social networks. In the last two years, it has grown exponentially, having just recently hit 700 million users. Similarly to its counterpart Facebook, Instagram allows individuals and businesses to curate photos of their lives to create an online photo album. These images should be interesting enough to invite other users to engage with them by way of sharing, liking, and commenting. Many companies have already started campaigns on Instagram, possibly including your competitors. Researching your competitors on Instagram can benefit your campaign and help you make the most out of your company’s Instagram profile. Bigfin offers an array of social media services that provide additional help to your company as you advance your research and start to invest in your social networks.

The Competitive Advantages

With Instagram’s wide user base, taking advantage of Instagram’s platform can greatly increase the visibility of your business. To see how visible your competitors are, try researching how many of them are already on Instagram. For those that are not on the platform, you already have an advantage over them.

If you are worried that an Instagram audience might be too “young” for what you intend to sell, approximately 1/3 of the user demographic is made up of people above age 45. This proves that Instagram can be used to speak to both younger and older generations. Getting your message out there can improve the interaction with your target consumers and, by creating relationships online before your competitors, you then have a better hold on your share of the niche.

Online Brand Personality Improvement

A skilled digital marketer knows that one of the key elements of your campaign is to build a unique personality for your brand. Instagram can help you do just that. By posting more intimate and behind-the-scenes content to social media, you can begin to establish a more genuine connection with your target audience.

While researching your competitors, you can track how they manage their online personality. Explore how close of a relationship your competitors are building with their followers on Instagram. By doing so, you can begin to understand what you can do to improve your relationship with your customers.

Learn from Your Competitor’s Mistakes

Do not be afraid to experiment a little with Instagram. However, take preventative steps to keep from creating a social media slip-up. Once you begin following your competitors on Instagram, you can start to track which trends worked for them and which ones did not. Look for posts that have little user-engagement and make note of those subjects to avoid using in your account. Once you become more aware about what does not work for others on Instagram, you can prevent your campaign from suffering a similar fallout.

Campaign Idea Generation

The goal of Instagram for business use is to generate consumer interest in your brand and create a campaign that the platform best supports. The best part about researching your competitors on Instagram is that it will lead to improving your own campaign. Researching trending hashtags for example helps identify popular ideas that are within the niche. Additionally, you can further research what hashtags your competitors use and discover their marketing strategies for gaining followers and increasing consumer interaction. We do not recommend copying their strategy, but you can adapt your own campaign to better profit your company.

How Bigfin Can Help You Use Instagram

Now that you know the benefits of researching your competitors on Instagram, how can you keep track of them and best monitor your social media profiles? Bigfin can help your business make the most of its social media platforms and generate more followers for your profiles. We make monitoring your social networks easy because we are experts in our field. Industry standards change rapidly in today’s online world. In our experience we have learned that, while a marketing technique might be trending today, it may not work for your company next week. We are constantly in search of the next best way to promote your company to fulfill maximum levels of user interaction and brand recognition.  Find out more about how Bigfin can help you profit off of your social media presence.

About Bigfin is an industry leader in online advertising such as mobile advertising, SEO and custom web design. Our comprehensive digital marketing solutions include social media management as well as content creation and management. With an expertise in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram, Bigfin can help you make the most out of your search engine optimization. Looking for help boosting your social media following? Contact us online or by phone at (425) 822-8200.

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