The Art of Remarketing & How it Increases ROI

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Pay-per-click management can be a powerful tool when it comes to driving site traffic and increasing engagement. It can be even more effective when marketers take advantage of remarketing lists in Google AdWords. Have you ever wondered if your ads are being shown to a relevant audience? Read on to discover the art of remarketing and how it can help convert clicks to calls and calls to clients based on past website traffic.

What is Remarketing?

Although it can mean various things, this blog is specifically referring to a feature in Google AdWords. Remarketing lists are made up of users that have visited your site, but failed to complete a transaction. Basically remarketing is the act of reshowing ads to users who have visited your site while browsing the web.

How is it Useful?

Remarketing  helps lower bounce rates. It also focuses ad spends on a more desirable audience who is  likely to want what you are selling. The following are just some of the many benefits remarketing brings to the table.

  • Engaged Audience – It drives customers to your website and app when they appear to be most engaged.
  • Tailored Lists – Lists can be customized to achieve advertising goals. For example, you can create a “shopping cart abandoners” list to show ads to specific users who added something to their shopping cart, but failed to complete the transaction.
  • Increased Reach – Remarketing shows ads to the same user while they switch from one device to another.
  • Increased Relevancy – Ads can be shown to former visitors who have actively searched for your business on Google Search.

Types of Remarketing Lists

The following are just some types that AdWords offers.

  • Standard – Show ads to past visitors as they browse the display network.
  • Dynamic – This is a step further than Standard. Dynamic shows products and services that a user has viewed on your site.
  • Mobile Apps – Ads are shown to those that have used the mobile app.
  • Search Ads – Ads are shown to past visitors as they do follow-up searches for what they are looking for on Google.


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