Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Website

There are many reasons to add a blog to a business website, but the main reason can be summed up in one sentence: A blog can help your business find new customers and help keep the customers you have.

A Blog Builds Your Website

As you add posts to your blog, more website pages are created that can be listed in the search engine indexes. Search engines also seem to like larger websites, probably because there is more content to put in their indexes. That’s why we suggest adding a blog to a website’s web space (on the server with the website) rather than using an online blogging service.

A Blog Can Help New Customers Discover Your Business

Each blog post is a new website page that creates an opportunity for people to discover the products or services you are offering. It’s possible to build a marketing program through your blog that can help get the word out about new products, promote products or services, announce news, sales and special events related to your business.

A Blog Gives You More Opportunities to Use Social Media

Blog posts can be promoted in social media outlets helping to create connections with new customers, develop current customers and discover business opportunities.

Many links to your website from social media sources will count as backlinks (links that build up page rank in the search engines) and some search engines like Google even use social media as a ranking factor. Even links from some high-quality social media that use no-follow links, like Facebook, still count as a ranking factor in some search engines.

Create Content to Interest Current Customers

A blog allows you to target content directly to your customer base and it can help you build a community of subscribers that want to hear the message that your business has to tell.  Blog posts can help your customers and prospects become more comfortable and familiar with your company. They may even learn about other aspects of your business that were previously unknown to them and help create more business opportunities. Blogs allow your subscribers and visitors to comment and offer their feedback, keeping them involved and talking to you.

Software is Freely Available

Best of all, popular blogging software even offers the convenience of building your website pages inside the platform, giving you access to the included content management system in the website admin.  All in all, a blog is a great idea for most companies.

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