Purchases Via Social Media Are Easier Than Ever

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Someone always has an opinion when it comes to the topic of social media. It consumes us, it’s a part of us and it’s not going anywhere. The internet has changed the way we live and how we connect with others- for better or worse, you decide. Regardless, millennials would be lost without it. Narcissistic selfies may have never existed and we could no longer express our approval with a double-tap or click of a mouse. My point is, social media has in some form or another, influenced our lives. It’s so closely intertwined to the point that it’s influencing purchase decisions everywhere. (Below is an infographic to prove it.) Purchases Via Social Media

On top of that, many social media platforms have incorporated e-commerce experiences. Read on to discover what these platforms have done, and how  purchases via social media are easier than ever.


Let’s start with Facebook. Facebook has made a promising effort to merge the gap between social and mobile commerce. Not only is it chalk-full with user information, but it has 1.4 billion users, making its targeting capabilities impeccable. As of September 2015, Facebook announced their partnership with Shopify, a site dedicated to providing online storefronts for merchants. Meaning Shopify’s existing customer base plus Facebook’s entire, growing user-base are all eligible for selling merchandise through Facebook.


Along with Facebook, Pinterest has also dabbled in Shopify’s services. Introducing Pinterest’s very own “Buy it” button. Buyable pins were first announced in June 2015 with the intent to make buying products more simple and secure. Pinterest’s buyable pins allow the user to view different color options within the same pin, making for a seamless shopping experience. Not to mention, if a buyer is not ready to commit, they can simply pin their favorite product and revisit it at a later time with ease.


Purchases Via Social Media Are Easier Than Ever!

If you want to talk about a revolutionary way to make purchases, Twitter and Dominoes created quite the PR splash this year. To order a pizza from Dominos, customers must add their Twitter handles to their Domino’s Pizza Profiles and then order their so-called Easy Orders by tweeting the pizza emoji to @Dominos. It will be interesting to see if other brands will follow suit. Regardless, it’s a smart move. Additionally, twitter has also adopted a “Buy” button that is embedded within certain tweets.

All-in-all, Social media is changing the way consumers shop. Purchase decisions are made known to the public and in return, influencing their peers. This leads one to wonder- how has social media e-commerce impacted business owners? Are they happy about purchases moving to social media platforms? It’s difficult to determine and maybe too soon to tell. Feel free to share your personal experiences in the comments below.

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