Psychology of Color and Design

color and design

We all have our favorite color(s). For some, the color blue makes them feel calm. For others, the color red makes them feel bold. When it is time for your business to create a new or refreshed website, Bigfin understands that color is an imperative element to carefully consider. Color is not only a stylized feature—it enhances the user experience by creating an emotional bond with the design. It also provides consumers with a strong first impression on who you are as a brand. To effectively present your brand successfully with the right color choices, explore our easy-to-follow breakdown behind the psychology of color.

Color Meanings

First, color impacts us and can help identify who we are. While the psychological effects are subjective, there are universal meanings that are common. Implementing colors with general meanings can help web designers effectively create websites that connect with users. Explore common colors and their interpretations:

Orange: Creativity, Determination, Stimulation

Blue: Trust, Confidence, Calm

Red: Bold, Power, Passion

Yellow: Energetic, Happy, Inviting

Green: Nature, Peace, Fresh

At Bigfin, we implemented an orange and blue color scheme to show that we are creative and trusting. Users can also see that we use the word creative throughout our site to enhance our content. Best of all, blue and orange are contrasting colors that work well together for a professional, sleek appeal.

bigfin website colors

Non-Traditional Color Implementation

Outside of the normal seven colors of the rainbows lie the millions of non-traditional colors, also known as accent colors. Adding different accent colors outside of the normal can separate your brand from others. Adding accent colors to buttons, logos, or boxes is a great way to capture attention. However, it is important to understand your business and how the colors will work in your brand’s favor by boosting user experience. Therefore, understanding what your target audience appeals to should be taken into consideration.

Consider Color and Design with Your Target Audience

The best way to create an enticing website that captures the consumer is by understanding who your consumer is. Ponder upon the demographics (location, gender, lifestyle, etc.) of your potential visitors to understand how you can incorporate the right colors to provide the best user experience. For example, men will interact with darker website color schemes with saturated colors. Women interact with lighter website color schemes with toned-down colors. For a general appeal, utilize mid-tone colors throughout the design.

Color and Design Should Improve Overall Convenience

To tie this all together, the psychological aspects of color are essential to design. Nevertheless, make sure color choices are readable without distractions or complications. Follow the 60-30-10 rule to ensure color schemes are not only appealing, but also balanced. One, a neutral color should be 60% of your color palette, a complementary color is 30%, and the accent color should be 10%.

Also, try using a color-blind filter to understand how all users may view your website. Those that are color-blind should also be stimulated by your chosen color scheme.

Overall, use color to your advantage to boost your brand and enhance user-experience. Understand the emotional impact colors can have on users and remember to keep in mind how your brand should be represented. The right color choices can attract the right amount of business.

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