How to Post from Tumblr to Facebook

In this post we will show you how to post from Tumblr to Facebook.  The benefit of connecting these accounts is to save you a step when posting to your social media accounts.

Adding Tumblr to Your Facebook Timeline
1.Click the Settings (the gear icon) at the top of your Dashboard.
2.Click the blog that you would like to update on the left side of the page

Connecting Your Facebook Page
3.In the Facebook section, check the box that says “Share posts on your Timeline.”
4.Click “Sign in with Facebook,” then click “log in with Facebook.”
5.After connecting to Facebook, be sure to hit “Save” on your blog settings page.

How to Post from Tumblr to Facebook




Setting Your preferences
You are all set to post from Tumblr to Facebook. If you don’t want every post from Tumblr posting to Facebook, leave the “Share posts on your Timeline” unchecked. When creating a post, click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the post form to share the post.

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