Pinterest Tools to Enhance Pinning

Pinterest ToolsWhile Pinterest is taking over the social media ranks as one of the fastest growing websites on the internet, it is also spawning websites and new tools just for Pinterest users. These Pinterest tools are being developed specifically to help devotees manage and be more creative with their content plus understand the metrics of their accounts.  Now that brands and marketers are promoting their products and services on Pinterest, this crop of helpful Pinterest tools will give iPhone and iPad apps a run for their money.

Some Helpful Pinterest Tools to Enhance Pinning

Here are a few standout Pinterest tools to try out for yourself:

Spinpicks – similar to Stumbleupon, Spinpicks does the image search for you to help you find content based on your interests to pin to your theme boards. If Pinterest isn’t visual eye candy enough, Spinpicks will have your head spinning with even more images. – If you are not a Photoshop user, this tool takes its place by letting you pin what you see on your browser. Simply plug in the URL of the website you want to pin, then images from that site pop up and are ready for you to pin. This helps users bypass the search engines and give credit to the image source.

Percolate–  Anyone wanting to dig into the tracking and analytics of Pinterest will find this website useful. Using algorithmic filtering to track your pins activity and help you create the most engaging content based on this to reach your audience further.

PinReach – Similar to Klout for Twitter, PinReach tells you who are the top Pinterest influencers based on social attributes, which Pins are trending and what type of content is getting the most attention.

Pinterest Recent Activity Expander – A Chrome add on showing which pins were repinned and who is following your boards, this plugin eliminates the tedious step of looking thru thumbnails to find your account’s activity.


As interest in Pinterest continues to increase, it’s likely that more tools and mobile apps will be created offering everything from expert advice on how to use the site to finding the best content and ways to present it. Enhancing the users’ experience with more tools will only grow the site and the other websites it has spawned.

One response to “Pinterest Tools to Enhance Pinning”

  1. Monica Sharma says:

    My personal favourite for pin scheduling pins and overall automation is PinPinterest (search by name and follow the 1st link). I like to put it all on auto pilot through PinPinterest. It is free, runs online, optimised for mobile devices and you can schedule pins.
    It is intelligent, and so it pins only images relevant to you to your account. Plus it keeps the account ban-safe by running at a human-like speed 🙂

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