Convert a Pinterest Profile into a Pinterest Business Account

Earlier in November, Pinterest announced the addition of business accounts with business-specific terms of service.  However, many companies have previously created individual Pinterest accounts.  Happily, it’s very simple for companies to convert a Pinterest profile into a Pinterest business account.

Verify your business website on Pinterest

Pinterest business pages don’t look any different than personal Pinterest pages, but users can now verify the business website. Once verified, a little red check mark or “verification badge” appears next to the website link. To convert a Pinterest profile into a Pinterest business account, just follow these steps:

  • Go to, click on >> Convert your existing account
  • Select your business type, update contact name, email address and about sections, if necessary.
  • Scroll down, read through the new Business terms, then click >> convert account

That’s it! Your account has been converted into a business account.
The next step is verifying your website.

Verify your website using an html verification file

Using the html verification method, Pinterest confirms that you have access to your website’s server by confirming that the HTML file was uploaded into the web space.

  • Download the html verification file
  • Upload the html file to your web server
  • Click the verification button in your Pinterest account to finish the process

You can click here for more information about verifying your website using the html verification file method by visiting this Pinterest FAQ.

Verify your website by adding an html meta tag

If you don’t have access to your web space, you may still be able to verify your website by adding an html meta tag from within your website admin.

If you can’t verify your website using either method, Pinterest is also working on additional ways for you to verify your website. You can leave a comment for them here.

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