The Consequences of Outsourcing Web Design & Web Development

outsourcing web design

Outsourcing can be a valuable resource to business owners of both new and established businesses. Especially when tapping into a larger talent pool for unique one-off projects. Sometimes, it is even necessary when the cost of taking on a new employee is far too great of a risk—notably when the direction and demands of your business remain uncertain. However, outsourcing is not without its drawbacks. Begging the question, is outsourcing as cost-effective as it may seem? For every shortcut, there are sacrifices. Read on to learn the consequences of working with agencies who outsource web design and web development.

Lack of Control

Outsourcing can lead to a huge imbalance when it comes to control. This can include control over the quality of the work that is produced and the time it takes to complete. When work is outsourced, trust is bestowed upon someone who may or may not have the best interests of the company. If you are deciding between agencies, make sure to ask if they outsource their work. Are you willing to give up a certain level of control?

Miscommunication & Language Barriers

Often outsourcing involves a lot of variability. What time zone are they in? Which languages do they speak and how well? It is not uncommon to come across duds that completely misinterpret the scope and scale of the project. While communication is not always an issue, it certainly can come with the territory. This can especially impact the time in which it takes for them to complete a task. For example, if your website goes down or the design is wonky, outsourcing can slow down the entire process of fixing it.

Deadline Flexibility

Local agencies like Bigfin are always available and respectful of your time and needs. Unfortunately, a huge drawback to agencies that outsource is their ability to complete quality work on time. Edits and modifications can take longer than normal, as they are out of both parties control. If you decide to work with agencies that outsource, prepare to be flexible. What you save on cost is often made up in time.

Poor Quality

A major drawback of working with agencies that outsource is the varying quality of work. Sometimes, a certain contractor is not available, forcing the agency to choose another person to fill the roll. At most, the agency can select a worker based off of a portfolio and reviews. However, portfolios do not give an agency any indication of how that specific contractor works. This can make it seemingly impossible to know whether or not you have selected the right fit for the job.

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