Why Original Website Content Matters

Original Content Matters

By creating customized images, web pages, logos, and content, Bigfin understands the importance of originality for the success of our current and prospective clients. Most importantly, we recognize that original website content matters because exceptional content not only informs, it engages. Our expert content creation can help develop a special voice and message for your business. This encourages online users to want to read what your website has to offer and then take action. Read on to explore Bigfin’s top four reasons why original website content matters and how it is beneficial for your website and business to thrive.

  1. Google Cares

Google has stated that content is one of the top three ranking signals to place high in search results for online users to see your business first. However, note that copied content can result in a penalty. Also, very similar content can become recognized as duplicate content, which can appear as a manipulation tactic to deceptively improve search engine rankings or boosting traffic. The downside to this practice is it results in a poor user experience for online users as they continually see copied content in search results. Therefore, it is urged to minimize similar content and focus on producing original content for your business’s website.

  1. Builds Customer Trust

Original content alone will allow customers to trust your business. Creating content about a subject or topic that reflects your business objectives will make you appear as not only a professional, but an industry expert. Content that is important, significant, and/or insightful builds trust with visitors because of the acquired knowledge they have gained from visiting your site.

  1. More Views and Visitors

Insightful and helpful information are what online users are looking for when reaching a website. Plus, they are more likely to revisit your website when the information and content appeals to them and their needs. Make sure that your website content is always focused on how your business or products can benefit the customer, rather than bragging about how great your business is. It is also important to regularly update your content. This helps boost SEO and also allows return users to engage with new content.

  1. Your Voice

Creating an authentic voice through original and fresh content can help establish a memorable connection to your audience. What tone is your business trying to convey—a professional, conversational, funny, or direct tone? Your voice can be represented in your website’s ‘brand promise’, slogan, and additional information that makes online users believe they have landed at the right business for what they were initially looking for. is an industry leader in online advertising such mobile advertising, SEO and custom web design. Our comprehensive digital marketing solutions include social media management as well as content creation and management. Looking for fresh-to-death content or help with search engine optimizationContact us online or by phone at (425) 822-8200.


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