Now Anyone Can Publish Articles on LinkedIn

Are you connecting with customers and clients via LinkedIn? If not, you’re missing out on a great tool for getting the word out about your organization or brand. If you’re already on LinkedIn, you now have a new way of sharing valuable information with your network — and potentially an even wider audience.

LinkedIn, the social network designed for professional networking and frequented by career seekers, recently announced they would open up their publishing feature to all users, according to a recent LinkedIn blog. Previously, LinkedIn only allowed a select few high-profile users to post articles.

These elite users were called “Influencers” and included the likes of Bill Gates, entrepreneur Mark Cuban, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other influential powerhouses in the worlds of business, politics, journalism and more.

How Do You Publish Articles on LinkedIn?

Bigfin_Share boxLinkedIn will roll out this new LinkedIn publishing feature over the next few weeks. Starting last week, 25,000 LinkedIn users were given the ability to publish content, the blog explained.

Once the feature has rolled out for your profile, you will see a pencil icon show up next to the share box on the top of your LinkedIn home page feed. By clicking on this icon, you open a window where you can create content to share with your network.

Once you’ve written an article on LinkedIn, you can then share it with your personal network on LinkedIn. If your network starts liking, sharing and commenting on your article, you can greatly expand its reach, according to an overview of the feature on the LinkedIn Help Center. Better yet, if your article is popular and starts getting widespread attention, LinkedIn’s team of editors may opt to distribute the piece to a broader audience of LinkedIn users far beyond your personal network.

If you publish an article via LinkedIn, the content remains your own, but LinkedIn retains the right to use and broadly publish that content.

The Takeaway

By publishing articles on LinkedIn, you have the potential to not only establish yourself as an industry expert in your field, but also spread the word about the brand or organization you represent. This is a great way to increase awareness of your brand and may even help you organically generate leads.

How Do You Use LinkedIn for Your Business?

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