Mozilla On Your Mobile Phone and Tablet?

Hey Firefox fans, you will be excited to hear that Mozilla is in the works developing an operating system for mobiles and tablets. The project is called “Boot To Gecko” or B2G and the goal is to build a complete standalone OS for the open web.

The Firefox browser and email program, Thunderbird are powered by the rendering engine called Gecko. Code on webpages are interpreted by the rendering engine and then displayed on the screen in the right format.

The Mozilla developer’s goal is that with B2G, applications will run without the need for a browser, which will effectively create a web-centered OS. Some of the core parts will draw from Google’s Android Mobile OS, but the goal is that it will be more open and that the code will be fresh.

The project is still very new, so we may have to wait awhile. Bummer! When it does come out though, Mozilla will be running on the same devices as Android, so watch out Google, as you will have some stiff competition. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Chrome and Apple’s iOS will also be looking over their shoulder at their new competitor.

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