Bigfin Gives Back – Employees Volunteer for MLK Acts of Service Day

MLK Acts of Service Day | Seattle Photo Courtesy of The Seattle Times

Featured Photo Courtesy of The Seattle Times

In honor of MLK Acts of Service Day on MLK Day, Bigfin employees traded in their keyboards and mice for shovels and rally signs to volunteer in their local communities. Find out how Bigfin employees gave back this past MLK DAY. Plus, discover what you can do to strengthen bonds within your own neighborhood and community.

MLK Acts of Service Day | Seward Park Conservation Party MLK Acts of Service Day | Bigfin | Seattle

Lauren, a member of the digital marketing team at Bigfin, volunteered with a non-profit environmental organization known as the Audubon of Seward Park.  This restoration project consisted of planting native trees and shrubs to help restore biodiversity of native animals and birds. Native plants provide a source of food and shelter for animals.

Additionally, part of the restoration focused on removing invasive plants such as Himalayan black berry bushes and English Ivy. These foreigners are dangerous, because they out-compete native understory vegetation and prevent the establishment of native trees that require sun for germination.

Throughout the day, Lauren was tasked with removing the blackberry bushes, while the families with small children were assigned the planting. In total they planted 60 trees and 190 shrubs in Seward Park. Lauren noted that she was surprised to see so many young families setting a strong example for their kids. She stated, “It was a diverse group of people who all came together for the greater wellbeing of their community”. Also, she said she was surprised by the large turnout and varying reasons for why people volunteered. Overall, she was pleasantly surprised by the friendly nature of all the volunteers (pun intended). She looks forward to future volunteer opportunities and already has plans to return for the potting party in May.

MLK Acts of Service Day | Discussion & West Lake MLK Day Rally MLK Acts of Service Day - Bigfin - 1

Jacky took a more political approach with MLK Acts of Service Day and participated in a discussion about injustice lead by prominent community organizations. The discussion focused on a documentary co-produced by Jay-Z about a young man named Kalief Browder and how the justice system failed an honest and innocent child.

This event was held to help people focus their attention on what they can do to spread awareness about injustice within the community.  Furthermore, Jacky stated, “After the film, people were brought to tears and people compassionately reflected on what they have personally seen or experienced in their community. “After the film they held a discussion on ways to fight for equal rights to help push their communities in a positive direction.

Once the discussion was over, they created posters that featured quotes and images that reflected Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

MLK Acts of Service Day - Bigfin - 1

They then proceeded to participate in the downtown Rally at Westlake, where an overwhelming crowd of support flowed in. Speakers, poets, and musical talents engaged the crowd by speaking about racial discrimination, acceptance, love, and MLK. She said, “It was a great scene to see the people of Seattle listen, take action, and pour an overwhelming support for MLK and his legacy.”

She proceeded to state:

Overall, it is important to listen and put yourselves in someone else’s shoes. How you grew up or view life can or will be different. Therefore, having empathy will take us all a long way. The event was not about attacking individuals or groups. It was about bringing down barriers and raising awareness of how people of color are treated.

Bigfin Encourages Volunteering in Local Communities

In conclusion, Bigfin employees value volunteering. They enjoy spending time with like-minded people all for the common good of society. Donate your time and energy by volunteering through the United Way of King County. They make finding and signing up for volunteer opportunities easy and completely hassle-free! There is something there for everyone.

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