Microsoft Launches Social Network

Last month Microsoft pulled the tarp off of its education-focused social network, This network, pronounced “social” is unique, in that it is designed for college students as a research tool. Users can search the web, using Bing of course, where they are then prompted to pick and choose search results that they feel are the most relevant, and lump them together into a post. From there, the user experience becomes more like a combination of Facebook and Pinterest. Users can like, comment, and share posts made by other users, but also sort posts into categories, which are accessible to everyone.

These similarities to other social media platforms, combined with the Google +-like video conferences, make the site feel like a Frankenstein-like mishmash of the best parts of other networks. The surprising thing? It all works rather well, looks good, and there’s something self-satisfying about making your own contributions to a larger category.

Only time will tell if Microsoft’s new network takes off, but there’s certainly some potential in social’s unique blend of media.

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